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What's Your Plan?

Today I have a conversation with my friend, Adys, about our plan next holiday.

Me : "Hi, Dys! You look so happy. Tell me why!"

Adys : "Of course I am. Tomorrow is the first day of summer holiday."

Me : "Oh, right. Should've known from the start that the only thing that can make you look this happy is holiday." (grin)

Adys : (laugh) "Talk to yourself!"

Me : "Well, tell me about your plan, then."

Adys : "I'll go to South Korea and meet my sister, Somi, there. She'll accompany me to join an audition in JYP Entertainment. On the next day we will visit Namsan Tower and Han River. On the third day, we will go to the fanmeeting Wanna One. Then on the last day, we're going to MNET to watch Wanna One's Show."

Me : "Wow, sounds great! I'll pray for the best. Break a leg!"

Adys : "Thank you! I'll do my best. What about you? What will you do next holiday?"

Me : "On the first day, I'm going to stay at Hogwarts with Hermione, Harry, Ron, and the other friends. We'll practice some spells and play Quidditch there. We'll visit Hogsmeade and buy some chocolates and candies in Honeydukes, then spend the rest of the day there. On the second day, we're going to come to Ron's house and stay there for five days. On the seventh day, I'll come home and spend the rest of the holiday there with my family. We don't have any plan yet but I'll be okay if I just stay at home as long as I'm with my family."

Adys : "Oh, so sweet. Maybe you can come to South Korea and watch the audition."

Me : "Oh, you're right! I'll talk about it with my parents."

Adys : "I hope I'll see you there."

Me : "I hope so."


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